Jacqueline Ward

Jacqui pool.jpg

I have been and continue to be…

inspired by healers, teachers and therapists who are further along the healing and human potential path than myself.

I am motivated, excited and passionate about being a part of the Atkins Health multidisciplinary team. My intention and focus is to contribute to the team by helping people achieve their health, fitness and well being goals and to live the life they choose optimally.


My education is ongoing in life, as Life and the people in our lives are always teaching us. Formally, I have post graduate qualifications in Exercise and Sport Science as well as Massage Therapy and Business. It brings joy to both my clients and I to experience and see the freedom that comes with the relief from pain that often comes from the massage treatments I provide. Many of my clients tell me I have “magic hands” and an intuitive insight into the source and location of their myofascial pain.

I invite you to experience one of my massage treatments, when you’re ready to move further along your journey toward optimal health and wellness.