Uniquely crafted and expertly applied, our group classes are still individually tailored to suit your own abilities and to specifically target your own health conditions, while allowing you to work out in a group social environment.

Benefits of Pilates


A low impact exercise program, Pilates focuses on deeper, smaller muscles that support body structure. It comprises a series of controlled movements designed to improve posture, core strength, balance, flexibility, mobility plus your overall well-being and mood. Learn more about the benefits of Pilates

With two different categories of reformer Pilates classes available“FIT” and “Clinical”, there is an intensity level fit for everyone’s needs. Our studio is located at our Runaway Bay clinic, with 45 minute sessions delivered by accredited exercise physiologists using Pilates Reformer equipment. Together with a maximum class size of just four participants, this ensures that you will receive the highest quality of Pilates instruction available, to reach your goals sooner.


Squad Atkins

Squad Atkins

Our most popular small group class, Squad Atkins is not just suited to improve your general fitness, strength and mobility, but the program can be specifically tailored to target any of those niggling ailments that come our way, such as strains, sprains and pains. With a dedicated exercise physiologist monitoring your technique and progress, this semi-private class is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you get results in the most efficient and effective manner. If you ever experience any discomfort from conditions such as tendonitis, joint pain, migraines, arthritis, back pain, and the list goes on, then this class is the one for you.

Limited to a maximum group size of six, Squad Atkins classes are available at all four of our Gold Coast clinics.


Bone Society Group Classes

Bone Society

Bone Health

Over 66% of Australians aged over 50 are impacted by osteopenia, osteoporosis, or poor bone health in general. Our Bone Society group class is specifically designed to improve bone density and strength, which in turn reduces the risk of falls, one of the major reasons for hospital admissions. Combining resistance based and impact loading exercises, the class utilises new research that provides us with an understanding that loading the bones in a safe and appropriate manner will actually promote the increase of bone building hormones, previously thought impossible.

Our osteoporosis classes run for one hour and are available at our Varsity Lakes and Runaway Bay clinics.


Wheelchair Basketball

Group Recreation

Our popular group recreation classes are designed to improve your general fitness in a fun and inclusive social environment, and include an element of sport or group activity such as basketball, handball or walking. No previous experience is required as our exercise physiologists will provide tuition and monitor technique. This class is best suited to individuals living with a disability and can be funded through the NDIS.

Limited to a maximum group size of six, our group recreation classes are held at our Runaway Bay clinic located in the Gold Coast Performance Centre, a world class sporting venue with a wide range of equipment and facilities.


Mission MS Group Class

Mission MS

Multiple Sclerosis

Previously run by the Queensland Government, our years of experience have resulted in the continued development of Mission MS, our group classes specifically designed to enrich the lives of those impacted by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Mission MS combines the benefits of balance, co-ordination, strength and endurance based exercises to raise the bar of the participants’ function and capabilities. This class aims to reduce the degradation of MS, and by increasing the participants’ baseline fitness and capabilities, relapses are much less debilitating. Our clients not only benefit greatly from the exercise program, but also love the camaraderie and social environment that this class offers. 

Mission MS group classes are available at our Varsity Lakes clinic.


Parkinson's Disease Group Classes

PD Revolution

Parkinson’s Disease

specifically designed class for all levels of participants suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, this program is the largest of its kind on the Gold Coast. This fun class includes wheelchair-bound clients through to those who are very able-bodied, and is also a great platform to create supportive friendships. 

The program aims to improve gait, reduce freezing episodes, improve balance, improve fine motor skills, delay the need to increase drug treatment and ultimately regain confidence and independence. PD Revolution comprises land and hydro based exercises through individual and group settings.

PD Revolution classes are available at both our Varsity Lakes and Runaway Bay clinics.


My Strong Kids

My Strong Kids

For ages 11-17 years

A children’s exercise program to have fun, get fit, and learn the basics in a gym setting. Start your children on the road to a healthy lifestyle by giving them the confidence and skills to workout safely, and nurture them towards a routine that will see them pursue a fitness program.  

My Strong Kids is an hour long group session, operating from our Runaway Bay clinic at the Gold Coast Performance Centre at 4.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

How we do it?

Our process

With a dedicated and experienced team that has a real passion for results, plus proven processes that drive success, it’s no wonder that 90% of our reviewed clients achieve or surpass their health and fitness goals.

It all starts here

Initial Assessment

An initial 45 minute assessment with one of our practitioners is required for us to understand your current health status, lifestyle and goals.

Follow your pathway

One-on-one or group classes

We will design a customised program specifically for you to follow to reach your goals, be that at one of our gym-based clinics, at home, or through telehealth coaching.

Review and Improve

Six-Weekly Reviews

We conduct six-weekly assessments to ensure that we review your achievements against your goals, and reset requirements for the next period.

Membership Plans

Fast-track your pathway to better health with unlimited group classes from just $30 per week!

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