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At Atkins Health, we set our standards high, working only with the most experienced and professional accredited practitioners, delivering the best physiotherapy Gold Coast has to offer, that’s our claim. Our practitioners focus heavily on developing meaningful relationships with our clients, developing and delivering physio treatment plans that specifically address each individual’s needs, and specialising in all sports physio injuries.

Why Choose Atkins Health For Physio Runaway Bay

From diagnosis of acute conditions, rehabilitation from surgery, medical conditions and injuries, including all sports physio injuries, through to ongoing management of longer-term chronic conditions, you can trust the team at Atkins Health. Our unique six-weekly client review program schedule ensures that we adapt to your evolving needs and expectations, to ensure that you achieve your objectives. On average based on these frequent reviews, over 90% of our clients reach or indeed exceed their health goals. We also offer exercise physiology services, remedial massage and Pilates classes, providing you with a thorough approach to your health care.

With the flexibility of our physio Runaway Bay clinic centrally located within the feature-rich Gold Coast Performance Centre, or with home visits available across the Gold Coast and hinterland, call us today on (07) 3177 7779 or request an appointment to learn how we can help with your specific needs.

If you are a new-to-Atkins Health client, you must first book an initial assessment so that we can make a diagnosis and determine the best treatment plan for you.


For hands on physiotherapy treatment, our practitioner will apply manual therapy in the form of release techniques or manipulations to help the body “reset” and return to less aggravated state. This allows for improved freedom and quality of movement. A physiotherapist will often then prescribe a set of physiotherapy exercises to help re-educate the body to achieve improved movement patterns and others to reinforce all of the above through strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles.

How physiotherapy helps patients individually is often dictated by the patients themselves, where they are at in their rehabilitation journey and the condition they present with. In broad terms, our practitioners will help diagnose and educate you as to the problem at hand, help to reduce pain or discomfort, return your body to as natural a state as possible, and then help you to prevent further issues from occurring.

Physiotherapy Gold Coast

Is Physiotherapy Covered by Medicare? What About DVA?

Yes, therapy is covered under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP). Along with all other recognised Allied Health services, a General Practitioner (G.P) can refer a patient for treatment for a total of five subsidised visits per calendar year, across all Allied Health disciplines.

Holders of a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold or White Card can undertake physiotherapy sessions without charge.

Learn more about funding.

NDIS Physiotherapy Gold Coast

With the introduction of the National Disability Index Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland back in 2016, Gold Coast physio is now offered under the Core Supports and Capacity Building Supports budgets. Here at Atkins Health, we offer NDIS physiotherapy Gold Coast services at our Runaway Bay clinic, in addition to home visits from Tweed Heads/Coolangatta to Beenleigh.

NDIS physiotherapy services that are covered are varied and include but are not limited to:
– Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood Interventions
– Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy or Training (including Assistive Technology)

More information can be found on the applicable budgets on the NDIS website.

NDIS Physiotherapy Gold Coast

Types of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the study of the human body, its movement and its functions. It is an Allied Health profession that often deals with acute phases of injuries, medical conditions, disabilities or dysfunctions. The first port of call for a patient is usually a doctor (General Practitioner), who would then make a referral to a physiotherapist to aid in the diagnosis, planning and delivery of treatment, which usually consists of tests and assessments, hands on therapy and physiotherapy exercises for rehabilitation or correction.

There are many different types of ‘physio’, as it is often referred to, which are generally known as specialties. These specialties are areas where the physiotherapist chooses to up-skill and focus their professional development and physiotherapy treatment, and may include but are not limited to geriatric, neurological, respiratory, paediatric and all sports physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy applies the knowledge and experience of the practitioner with best practices studied and presented in research journals to treat the patient and their condition.

For diagnosis, the practitioner will often apply a set of “special tests” comprising of physiotherapy exercises designed to assess and compare the patient against a set date, indicating to the practitioner how the body and its systems are performing. These special tests are consistently tried and tested in research to increase or deny their validity to provide practitioners with reliable data and conclusions on the presentation of their patients.

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Our physio Runaway Bay Gold Coast clinic is open Monday through Friday.


We accept payments through private health cover as well as private paying patients, plus NDIS, DVA and Medicare approved referrals.


First time clients must first book an initial assessment, so that your practitioner can make a diagnosis and determine the best treatment path for you. These initial assessments can be requested online using the button below.


If you have completed an initial assessment with our team, please use the button below to request an ongoing appointment.



It can get complex navigating the various funding options and plans that may be available to you. We’ve tried to unpack and explain the options here.

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