Atkins Health

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Hey there, I'm Tobias Atkins, a Proud  Exercise Physiologist and Leader of the Atkins Health Squad. 


I left University, 23 years young eager to finally get into the world, help people and finally make a difference! I wanted to join an Exercise Physiology company that challenged the norm, strived for perfect client care and never stopped evolving! I looked day in an night and finally found....... nothing. It was in that moment Atkins Health was born. 

I made a pact to myself that I was going to create a company that everyone wanted to work for, everyone wanted to work with and every client wanted to see. A place you walked in a stranger and from the very first day, you walked out a friend. Let's face it, we can't change genetics so family is out of the question! Haha but we would do anything to help a friend. 

So began the Atkins Health Squad, a team of Exercise Physiologist whom live by the question "why"! Why is a client seeking help, Why are they in discomfort, why choose this exercise, why is this going to help. It is the questions we ask ourselves that allow us to aid our FRIENDS (clients) to results. It's the gift of knowledge we pass on (educate up, not dumb things down). It's the extra personal, individualised efforts we make that help YOU get the results you are looking for. And it's our constant drive of always wanting to get better  at our craft that allows me to confidently say together we will achieve!


Our "Secret Recipe"

To understand the way the Atkins Squad like to work is really quite simple. We work off capitalising on three key principles when assessing and 3 key principles when prescribing. When assessing we are looking for the needs of our clients, the systems that are affected (neurological/ musculoskeletal/ skeletal/ hormonal/ psychological etc)  and the movement patterns that occur as a result. We then educate our Friends (clients) on what we have found. Educating them up, to make them the professional at their own condition. 

Next is the exercise prescription. We then create a individualised, personalised program with both visual and written aids to capitalise on the three main principles on ensuring results. They are: Compliance - a program is only effective if it gets done, Quality & Technique - a movement (exercise) is only as effective as the delivery, and progression - a program is only able to be designed for where your currently at it is impossible for us to know how quickly or effective the exercises will be for the individual so monitoring progression to speed up slow down or completely change our tact is extremely important to ensure results. 

And that's it, that's the secret to the Atkins Health Squad's constant success for our friends (clients). 


kindest regards,