Improve your health and lifestyle today with a tailored rehabilitation or exercise pathway, expertly crafted to target your specific health matters, reach your goals and enrich your life.


Improve Function through Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy, via the use of a variety of techniques aimed at addressing pain, stiffness and weakness, helps people restore, maintain or improve physical function, mobility, strength and well-being, especially those who have been affected by an injury, illness, disability or aging. 


Exercise Physiology

Improve Strength, Mobility and Fitness

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology involves understanding how exercise affects the human body’s mechanisms, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular systems and how exercise can be used to promote health and prevent or treat various chronic diseases. 


Remedial Massage

Treate Tense and Damaged Muscles

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a therapeutic massage that aims to alleviate pain, stiffness, and other ailments caused by injury, chronic pain, or muscular dysfunction. It helps to promote healing, increase range of motion, and reduce pain, and is often part of a comprehensive rehabilitative plan.



Improve Overall Fitness and Well-being

Personal Training

Personal training involves working one-on-one with a qualified fitness professional to develop a tailored exercise program designed to help achievement of fitness objectives and improve overall health. It includes strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and nutritional advice.


How we do it?

Our process

With a dedicated and experienced team that has a real passion for results, plus proven processes that drive success, it’s no wonder that 90% of our reviewed clients achieve or surpass their health and fitness goals.

It all starts here

Initial Assessment

An initial 45 minute assessment with one of our practitioners is required for us to understand your current health status, lifestyle and goals.

Follow your pathway

One-on-one or group classes

We will design a customised program specifically for you to follow to reach your goals, be that at one of our gym-based clinics, at home, or through telehealth coaching.

Review and Improve

Six-Weekly Reviews

We conduct six-weekly assessments to ensure that we review your achievements against your goals, and reset requirements for the next period.


It can get complex navigating the various funding options and plans that may be available to you. We’ve tried to unpack and explain the options here.

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