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Falls are the single largest contributor of injury hospitalisations in Australia, and a leading cause of injury fatalities. Reduce your risk of falls, learn how to strengthen bones and increase bone density with our osteoporosis exercise classes.

Increase Bone Density at Bone Society

An insight into Bone Health from one of Bone Society class.

The Importance of Healthy Bones

With falls-related injury being the number one cause of injury hospitalisations in Australia, there is no time like the present to take that all-important step to improving your bone health and developing an effective falls prevention strategy.

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Learn More About Osteoporosis Classes

Bone Society is our popular group class held four times per week that targets bone health, reducing symptoms of osteoporosis, and addressing the risk of falls.

These osteoporosis exercise classes are uniquely tailored to improve bone density and strength, with one of the key objectives being to reduce the risk of fall, the main reason for injury-related hospital admissions.

Utilising a combination of resistance-based and impact-loading exercises, the class implements research that demonstrates that ‘loading’ the bones in a safe and appropriate manner promotes an increase in bone building hormones, once considered to be impossible.

Our classes, which will teach you how to strengthen bones and provide you with the best exercise for osteoporosis, are one hour in duration and are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at our Varsity Lakes and Runaway Bay clinics.

How Bone Society can assist…






About Group Classes

Our Bone Society classes are one hour in duration and are held at our Runaway Bay and Varsity Lakes clinics.

Group classes are social, fun and proven to drive results quicker. Whilst you work out in a group environment, each participant is working to their own individualised program, that is crafted to suit their own ability. It is therefore necessary that you first undertake an initial assessment, so that a member of our health professionals team is able to tailor a program unique to you.

Runaway Bay

Varsity Lakes

Good Bone Health Helps with Falls Risk

Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalisation in Australia and good bone health can help reduce the risk. In this video Zac discusses falls risk and how to help prevent them.

Client testimonials

Here is what some of our osteoporosis customers have to say….

Having been a member of Atkins Health for about 18 months now, I can clearly feel the benefits of a regular, consistent and supervised program. The osteoporosis group program has been very beneficial not only helping me become stronger but also seemingly assisting to maintain my bone density. The instruction and support I receive with Atkins Health is excellent!


I have been a patient for 5 years and could not be moving and free of pain if it were not for my professional knowledgeable teacher at Atkins.


I have used Atkins Health for particular injuries and achieved great success by following the particular plan devised for the specific injuries. I found the positive attitude and encouragement given by Atkins personnel played an important part in my recovery. Attending Low Impact classes at Runaway Bay, keeps me active and in touch with instructors who keep an eye on my overall development.


I have had great support from the team at Atkins Health in many different areas the team are very hands on and always there to give you encouragement, thanks.


Bone Society Timetable

View our current timetable for our Bone Society and osteoporosis classes.

With a maximum group size of just six, and led by an expert from our leading exercise physiology Gold Coast team, all Atkins Health Bone Society osteoporosis classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Bookings are essential, and cancellation charges do apply if cancelled within 24 hours.



It can get complex navigating the various funding options and plans that may be available to you. We’ve tried to unpack and explain the options here.
How we do it?

Our process

With a dedicated and experienced team that has a real passion for results, plus proven processes that drive success, it’s no wonder that 90% of our reviewed clients achieve or surpass their health and fitness goals.

It all starts here

Initial Assessment

An initial 45 minute assessment with one of our practitioners is required for us to understand your current health status, lifestyle and goals.

Follow your pathway

One-on-one or group classes

We will design a customised program specifically for you to follow to reach your goals, be that at one of our gym-based clinics, at home, or through telehealth coaching.

Review and Improve

Six-Weekly Reviews

We conduct six-weekly assessments to ensure that we review your achievements against your goals, and reset requirements for the next period.

Book an Initial Assessment

Complete the form below to request an initial consultation and assessment, and you can enjoy one week of free Bone Society classes!



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