Group workouts boost motivation, burn more calories and make exercise fun.

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We offer a range of group classes designed to target specific conditions and improve strength, fitness, mobility, and indeed lifestyle.

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Squad Membership provides you with unlimited access to our Squad Atkins classes at all of our locations, supervised by our exercise physiologists, for incredible value at just $31.70 per week! Having a customised, results-based plan that takes into consideration your current fitness levels and ailments where applicable, will help you start getting small wins faster! Our six weekly review process is proven to keep you fast-tracked towards your goals.

Speciality Membership provides unlimited access to specialty classes such as Back Program, PD Revolution and Mission MS. All classes are led by our health experts and offer sensational value. Learn more about our range of programs and classes. Have your choice of our industry-leading classes for just $47.00 per week and attend as many as you like. Based on your individual plan developed by our experts, Squad Atkins classes – if considered appropriate for you – will also be included in the cost of the Specialty Membership subscription.

“In October 2021, 87% of clients participating in six-weekly reviews attained or exceeded their health and fitness goals”

Looking for information on our Pilates Plus Ten Pack Pass? Head over to our reformer Pilates classes page. 

Let us show you first hand the benefits of an Atkins Health managed exercise program, trust in us to help you reach your health and fitness goals and improve your lifestyle, you will never look back.

Classes are available at







$31.70 per week

Unlimited Classes
  • SQUAD ATKINSAll Locations


$47.00 per week

Unlimited Classes
  • MISSION MSIncluded


In addition to our one-on-one sessions, we offer group classes that target a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain and bone health through to specific neurological conditions.

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You have the option to put your membership on hold for any reason.  

  • Membership hold requests must be submitted no less than fourteen (14) days before your scheduled hold start date. Membership hold requests received later cannot be processed until after the forthcoming scheduled renewal payment. All membership payments are non-refundable.  
  • Putting membership on hold for any reason is from a minimum two (2) week to a maximum six (6) week period.
  • Upon expiration of the hold period that you select, your account will automatically reactivate and regular membership payments will resume.
  • If you wish to extend for longer you will need to submit another form before the current one expires, with the same conditions as above.  
  • If you choose to cancel your membership during the hold period, the standard written cancellation notice requirement stated in our membership terms and conditions is applicable. If you choose to reactivate your membership after it has been cancelled, membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable (membership rates are subject to change).


A cancellation request should be provided to Atkins Health as follows:  

  • Permanent sickness or physical incapacity:  
    • Atkins Health requires a medical certificate stating that you cannot utilise any services because of your permanent illness or physical incapacity.  
  • Cancellation for any other reason:  
    • You may terminate your membership for any reason.   
    • Atkins health requires you to submit an email via the contact details listed on our website advising of your cancellation request.  
    • The notice period will exclude suspension or payment break time applied to your membership.  
    • You shall not consider that your membership agreement has been terminated until such time as this is confirmed in writing to you by Atkins Health (not more than 14 days after the termination date). Termination of your membership agreement will also terminate the Direct Debit Request Authority.  



Atkins Health reserves the right to terminate this membership agreement in any of the following circumstances:  

  • You fail to abide by any of the criteria listed in the Conditions of Entry or the obligations listed in this agreement; or  
  • If Atkins Health reasonably believes that you have engaged in inappropriate conduct; or  
  • The temporary or permanent closure of the clinic where a suitable replacement clinic is not available for the membership to transfer; or  
  • To protect the health and safety of you or other members.  



  • All entitlements and entry into any Atkins Health clinic is revoked if a member’s account is in arrears in excess of $50.00.  
  • If your automatic direct debit reverses or is returned to us by your financial institution the following process will apply:  
    • Atkins Health will attempt to contact you about retrying the debit.  
    • If the debit remains outstanding it will be processed within 14 days of the reversal with any reversal along with any late fees that apply.  
    • If you fail to pay us the fees by the due date, we are entitled to refuse you entry to Atkins Health.   
    • If unpaid fees remain outstanding and after attempts by us to rectify the arrears, your membership may be forwarded to a collection agency for further action.  



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