Walk Your Way to Good Health

Walk Your Way to Good Health

January 17, 2022 by Ben Simpson

Exercise is essential for our well-being and invaluable for our mental health. Walking exercise for seniors can help you to live longer, improve your health and happiness, and avoid illness. Regular exercise can benefit us all, including those with chronic conditions and it has been proven that no single intervention has greater promise than exercise to reduce the risk of injury or disease.

Whether you require professional guidance with an exercise routine to promote rehabilitation post-surgery, are looking for a walking exercise for seniors, or a program that will aid your recovery from an injury or chronic condition, or looking for some motivation to commence a fitness routine, come and join me, Ben Simpson, every Friday morning at Robina for our “Walk Your Way to Good Health” program. If you need a little incentive to get you started, your first month is absolutely free! After your introduction, each session is still only $5.

With a focus on improving your quality of life, this program offers a supportive and inclusive environment regardless of your age or your fitness level. The two-hour weekly group session is led by myself, one of  Atkins Health’s accredited exercise physiologists, delivered in partnership with Gold Coast Health and is designed to provide professional support to community members who seek a supportive exercise program that monitors their progression.

Based on a program designed by Dr Geoffrey Cornish, a golf course architect, this simple paced walking exercise for seniors and rehabilitation allows for a tailored approach to walking, at a speed that caters for all fitness levels. Located at a sports oval, participants walk on a flat grassed area around circular lines that form a ‘wheel’ from the centre. As you walk further out of the circle, the walking speed and distance will increase to promote progression.

Come and join me, Ben Simpson on this program and start your journey to better health, and enjoy the social aspect of it too!

Where and When?

Date : Every Friday
Time: 8am – 10am
Location : Cheltenham Oval, Cheltenham Drive, Robina.

Cost: $5 per session, but remember your first month is free! 

Please ensure you wear suitable and comfortable clothing and footwear, bring sun protection, and plenty of water. Bookings are essential so please contact us first prior to attending. See you there!

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