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Our Pilates Gold Coast studio is located at Runaway Bay, offering group reformer Pilates for core strength, fitness, flexibility and endurance, and also clinical Pilates to target specific conditions or injuries, or rehabilitation post-surgery.

Our Pilates Studio Gold Coast

An insight into reformer Pilates classes from our CEO, Tobias Atkins, and lead exercise physiologist, Nicole Harnett. Take a sneak peek into our studio to see the complexity and the full body workout you can get from Pilates reformers!

Bring a Friend Offer!

Our 2-FOR-1 Pilates offer allows you to bring a friend for FREE, which represents a great saving! Our reformer Pilates class promotes core strength, improved posture and balance, and increased overall fitness and body tone. Now’s the perfect time to give it a go. Grab a friend and book today.

All of our Pilates programs commence with an initial complimentary 15-minute orientation with one of our exercise physiologist instructors. They will introduce you to the reformer Pilates equipment, understand your current ability and health goals, and make an initial assessment on which class is most suitable for you.


FIT Pilates

Our ‘FIT’ reformer group classes are designed to build your core strength, improve posture and balance, increase overall fitness and endurance and promote body tone. Pilates is also known to reduce stress and tension.

Reformer Pilates classes use bed-like apparatus, with ropes, springs and straps which allow for changes in resistance as proficiency increases. The fluid transition from one position to another allows for a continuous flow of movement within each exercise, thus providing a more intense workout than can be achieved from regular mat Pilates. Read more on the topic, what is reformer Pilates?

Using reformer equipment also generally allows for greater customisation of fitness goals, since they promote better postural alignment, greater cardiovascular endurance, and potential weight loss through increased calorie burning. Since reformer Pilates tends to be more intense, it is a popular choice not just for those already well-versed in mat Pilates, but for beginners alike. 

Pilates Runaway Bay

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is traditional mat or reformer Pilates exercises combined with exercise physiology assessment and expertise to provide a tailored exercise program that targets a specific condition.

Clinical Pilates is most suitable for those who may be recovering from injury, rehabilitating post-surgery, or looking for a pre-natal or post-natal exercise program. The program strengthens and re-trains specific targeted muscles on how best to function, while toning and stretching other muscles, improving general overall fitness, flexibility and endurance.

Our classes are available in a maximum group class of four, however each participant may be working to their own program, within their own capabilities, and to meet their own specific requirements and health goals. We do of course also offer private one-on-one sessions should you prefer.

Clinical Pilates can assist…


From an injury or post-surgery


From neck to back, arm to knee pain


Including osteoporosis, osteopenia


Such as pre or post-natal care and pelvic floor


Including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

At Atkins Health, we offer fully qualified pre and post-natal Pilates instructors to coach you safely through your journey.

A pre-natal reformer Pilates exercise program will provide you with an effective and safe routine that will carry you all the way through your pregnancy. The benefits you will reap include retaining muscle tone, building strength, reduction or prevention of back pain, and increasing your energy levels. A pre-natal program is the perfect exercise partner to your pre-natal journey and will prepare you for a more comfortable delivery, and a quicker recovery.

As a post-natal exercise program, Pilates will of course greatly assist in the rebuilding of core strength. It will also help reduce the chance of issues recurring such as bladder control or pelvic floor dysfunction, that can be a consequence of returning to a high impact exercise program too quickly after child birth, and not giving your body enough time to repair and recover.

Great Package Options

Great ways to save on Pilates classes with two competitive packages.

Buy 10 classes and save $50

Save $50 – the cost of almost two individual classes – when you buy 10!

Pay as you go each time you book a class

Paying-as-you-go offers great flexibility and you still enjoy the expertise of our qualified exercise physiologists.


View our price lists for individual and group sessions at our Pilates studio Gold Coast.

Discover the Atkins Health difference, through an exercise physiologist-led Pilates exercise program.

Bookings are essential, including with a multi-pack pass.


  • CASUAL VISIT$35.00
  • 10-CLASS PASS$300.00



View Our Timetable

View our current timetable for both our ‘FIT’ and ‘Clinical’ styled classes.

With a maximum group size of just four, and led by Nicole or another of our expert exercise physiologists and qualified Pilates instructors, all Atkins Health Pilates classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Please note that it is a mandatory step to first undertake an initial complimentary 15 minute orientation with one of our practitioner instructors at our Gold Coast studio before booking into one of our reformer Pilates classes. This will ensure that you are correctly matched to the class that will most suit your ability and health goals. Request an orientation by completing this form.

Bookings are essential, and cancellation charges do apply if cancelled within 24 hours.


Pilates On Demand

Timetable not suitable?

We have the flexibility to create a class specific to your own requested time, but we do require a minimum of three people for a custom class. Round up a couple of friends and give us a call, and we’ll create your own personalised class for your group.

Request Orientation, a Class or Just Ask Us a Question

Complete the form below to book your 15 minute orientation, book a Pilates class, or to send us any questions should you require more information. Please note that it is a mandatory requirement that each participant undertake a complimentary orientation before booking a class, so that one of our practitioners can make an assessment and match you to the most suitable program.



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Client testimonials

Here is what some of our Pilates customers have to say….

Since doing reformer Pilates, my body feels a lot stronger and because I do a lot of running, it has enabled me to do it with more confidence. This type of exercise is so important to our health and well-being especially as you approach the later years in life. I am able to handle more obstacles that come my way in my daily life as well as my working life. Best thing that I have ever started.


Atkins Health provides us with massage on a monthly basis which we know is very beneficial, then have started regular Pilates classes which have improved our overall body strength and core stability, at our ages over 60 this enables us to continue to undertake our crazy pastimes of hiking, cycling and keeping up with the grandkids.


I am 80+ years old and the support of the girls Nicole and Emma keeps me coming back believing and seeing the progress of my body towards healthy and fit aged life.


Nicole has made me fall in love with Pilates. From day one, she has made me feel comfortable with where I was at and what I needed to strengthen and work on. Having her there each week holds me accountable and I’m seeing so much improvement in my back pain).


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A Few Words About Us

Established in 2013, Atkins Health is an allied health provider of physiotherapy, exercise physiology and remedial massage therapy, operating out of five Gold Coast clinics located at Varsity Lakes, Runaway Bay, Pimpama, Currumbin, and Canungra in the Hinterland. For some services we also offer home visits from Tweed Heads in the south to Beenleigh in the north, plus online telehealth appointments to clients nationwide.

Please note that our Pilates Gold Coast studio is located at Runaway Bay only, and run by our accredited physiologists. Meet our practitioners here.

Aside from providing services that improve more general health and fitness, we also target a wide range of health conditions from chronic pain such as back, neck and shoulder pain, diabetes, bone health issues like osteoporosis, plus cancer, through to neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. Beyond Pilates, we offer a range of other uniquely crafted group classes that target many of these conditions, as well as one-on-one private sessions. We also offer paediatric health services for children.

The health of our clients is of paramount importance to us, and we pride ourselves on a highly professional yet personal service from the best practitioners in the business. Whether you are looking to improve your strength and fitness, or have a health or movement issue, our team can assist with your physical therapy and to reach your health goals.

Call us a call today on (07) 3177 7779 or contact us by email to learn how we can help with your specific needs. Learn more About Us.

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