Did I Choose Pilates, or did Pilates Choose Me?

I was in my third trimester when I could not go to the gym to exercise anymore. I had my doubts about Pilates, and thought to myself:

“Will Pilates give me the workout I need? Will it be effective? More importantly, will it be safe? 

Why Pilates Is the Answer at Every Age and Stage in Life 

Pilates is a form of exercise that can be suitable for anyone, irrespective of age, which stage you are in your life, or your current level of fitness. For me, this was a life-changing moment! 

I remember that with the guidance of an Allied Health professional, I embarked on my Pilates journey in the third trimester of my pregnancy. I had never felt so safe. After giving birth, and once I was given the approval to return to an exercise program, irrespective of the complications I had gone through, I was able to get back into Pilates, and safely and powerfully bring my body back to the level of wellness and fitness that I desired and craved.  

The experience changed my life! 

From Client to Trainer 

I had previously trained in exercise physiology but this life experience helped me make a big decision. I started my journey to become a Pilates Trainer, completed my qualifications and started training others in Pilates. 

I do love Reformer-based Pilates, although I still use mat-based exercises in one-on-one tailored training plans with my clients as well. You can get a highly effective workout in a safe environment, while your trainer can help you adjust the resistance on a Reformer. Reformer Pilates is versatile – it can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be.

About the author: Nicole Harnett is one of our amazing Pilates Reformer team members at Atkins Health who practices out of our Runaway Bay clinic.  

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