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Personal Training
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Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Look no further than Atkins Health. Our team of experienced personal trainers are degree-educated exercise science professionals and will work with you to create a customised fitness program tailored to your unique needs and goals. With expert guidance, personalised workout plans, and ongoing support, achieving your fitness objectives has never been easier. At Atkins Health, we’re committed to helping you achieve your best self.

How Personal Trainers Help to Improve Your Health & Well-being

Personal training is a specialised fitness service led by our qualified professionals who create tailored workouts based on your fitness level, goals and needs. Our personal trainers are qualified exercise physiologists who will work with you to develop a personalised workout plan, which may include strength and resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and other types of workouts. They provide guidance on proper form, technique and safety, and offer advice on nutrition and other lifestyle habits which promote and support achievement of your fitness goals. As personal trainers our exercise science experts offer motivational support, tracking progress and adjust the workout plan as needed to ensure continued progress. Ultimately, the goal of personal training is to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives and improving your overall health and well-being.

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Why Choose Atkins Health for Personal Training

At Atkins Health, we have a team of professionals that are dedicated to improving the way we approach achieving results. We pay particular attention to tour clients’ preferences, and we develop programs that are specific to their individual needs. We also closely monitor healthy habits that will promote consistency.

And because our personal trainers are exercise physiologists they are qualified to treat chronic and short-term conditions that can be treated by, and benefit from exercise. This means that if you’ve suffered an injury or are recovering from surgery or illness, one exercise practitioner can support you throughout your entire journey.

We conduct six-weekly reviews with every client to ensure that we adapt to their changing requirements and expectations, and to ensure that our clients are reaching their goals. Based on these frequent reviews, on average, over 90% of tested clients achieve or exceed their health, wellbeing and fitness goals.

Atkins Health is a pioneer in health treatment. We are consistently challenging best practices to progressively improve. Through joint ventures with varying tertiary education institutions and medical specialists we are designing and implementing new and innovative ways of helping our clients improve their health.


How Personal Trainers can Help with Weight Loss

A personal trainer can be instrumental in helping an individual achieve their weight loss goals. They create a personalised workout plan ideal for targeting weight loss, making efficient use of time and maximising results. This routine is customised to fit the individual’s lifestyle, fitness abilities and preferences.

Our personal trainers can also advise on nutrition, such as developing a healthy, balanced diet that complements workouts and promotes weight loss. With their guidance, individuals can avoid any common weight-loss pitfalls or unhealthy practices, and maintain a safe pace of progress, without risking injury. Furthermore, personal trainers offer the motivation needed to adhere to an exercise regimen to reach weight loss targets.

They create a structured plan with milestones, enabling individuals to track their progress and celebrate their successes. With their expertise in weight loss training, our exercise professionals can support individuals in achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss goals.

Personal Training with Exercise Physiologists offers Great Value

When considering the expense of gym memberships together with personal trainer fees, it can be surprising how quickly costs add up. Working one-on-one with an exercise physiologist is often a better financial option when compared directly, but when the absence of gym memberships is taken into consideration, working with an EP can be considerably more attractive.

Another popular choice is our group classes which offer outstanding value. There are classes to suit all levels of fitness as well as a range of health conditions including classes tailored for people living with chronic conditions. Check out our comprehensive range of classes and programs.

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Our personal training at Varsity Lakes is available Monday through Saturday.


We accept private paying clients and those covered by NDIS.


Expert personal trainers

for all ages and levels of fitness


Our personal trainers are highly experienced in working with people of all ages and backgrounds. They’re passionate about helping clients implement sustainable improvements to their health and fitness, while also focusing on the important psychological aspects that underlie these types of health changes. 

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Get the Most Out of Your Workouts with a choice of three great plans

Whether you’re a beginner or you already know your way around a gym, the assistance of a personal trainer can get your workout to the next level. Working with a qualified personal trainer will give you skills that you can use while exercising in future, even when by yourself. With three great plans, we have one that’s right for you.

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