Find Expert Guidance from our EPs, 6 Weeks of Accountability and A Community That Supports You All The Way!

Challenge Yourself to Better Heatlh, Fitness, And Vitality – Join Us!

This 6 Weeks Back to Health Challenge is designed at 3 levels – Accountability, Support, Results. Read what each level offers and grab your challenge ticket, right now!

Why Challenge Yourself?

Have a fitness or health-related goal? Having trouble staying focused, motivated and consistent? Did you know that tiny changes made every day can ACCELERATE your results? 

Join us in a 6-week Online Accountability Challenge to reach your health and fitness goals. We will send you a daily email from our Exercise Physiology team, have daily check-ins on our challenge community Facebook Group, have 3 phone check-ins from our team (once every 2 weeks) to keep you on track, and much more!

This challenge is usually priced at $190, but you get it for an 85% special discount at $29 (for the full 6 weeks challenge). Sign up below!

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The Atkins Health 6-Weeks Back to Health Challenge

Do you find yourself setting health, fitness and wellness goals but never able to stay on course, or keep focus and consistency? Do you find it difficult to balance food and fitness habits in order to get the desired results? Not anymore! 

In the next 6 weeks, you can get exactly the desired result you want. If you want ACCOUNTABILITY, then join our online challenge. If you want physical support from our Exercise Physiology team and you happen to be in Gold Coast, join our 2nd Level Support Challenge. And if you absolutely want to HIT RESULTS, do our 3rd level Results Challenge. 

All levels will have a 6-week Accountability Program. Here’s what you get in it: 

  • Daily Accountability Steps Via Email – Sent by our Exercise Physiologist 
  • Daily check-ins on our Accountability Community Facebook Group 
  • Habit Tracking System 
  • Food Tracking Accountability 
  • 3 One-on-one follow-up calls from our team to you 
  • Expert guidance on how to stay on track, tips, exercises, and more 
Register now for an 85% DISCOUNT on our online challenge. Speak with our team if you need one-on-one support. CLICK on the button below and ACHIEVE your health and fitness results! 


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