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Refer to Receive Complimentary Personal Training Sessions & Classes!

Learn how to receive a complimentary personal training session and a complimentary class in another of Atkin Health’s range.

At Atkins Health, our Personal Training sessions offer a transformative fitness experience. Refer someone to a complimentary Personal Training session and unlock immediate rewards. Both you and the person you refer will be eligible to receive complimentary personal training sessions. As our gratitude to you for referring, you also receive a free class from another of Atkins Health’s range.

How to Enter

Are you ready to ignite your passion for a healthy, strong, and fit life? We’re seeking individuals who share our dedication to personal wellness and helping others achieve their goals. If that sounds like you, keep reading! 

  • Complete the form below and include the name and phone number of the person you want to refer. You can refer multiple people – simply complete a form for each.
  • We will call you so that you can redeem your personal training session.
  • For referring, you also get a pass for a BONUS class. When we call, you can book that class.

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1. Claim Your Complimentary Personal Training Session

Personal training holds immense importance for individuals of all ages and stages of life. Whether you’re a young adult, a busy professional, a parent, or a retiree, the benefits are undeniable.

For young adults, personal training provides a strong foundation for lifelong fitness habits, ensuring they start their adult lives with optimal health and energy.

Busy professionals can rely on personal trainers to design efficient workouts that fit their hectic schedules, maximising their time and productivity.

Parents can benefit from personalised training, as it helps them regain strength, manage stress, and set positive examples for their children.

Older Australians can experience improved mobility, balance, and overall well-being through tailored exercise programs.  

Personal training adapts to each person’s unique needs. By referring to your friend or family member, BOTH of you can claim your COMPLIMENTARY personal training session at a time of your choice. 

2. Instantly Win a Class

You also get a BONUS INSTANT prize of a class pass that you can claim at our selected locations. Make sure you ask our staff about the class choices you have so you can redeem your pass. 

Enter to Win!

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