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Allied Health provides a range of diagnostic, therapeutic, technical and support services related to health care. With the opening of the Atkins Health Gold Coast Physio clinic at the Gold Coast Performance Centre, we will be providing our community of clients with an extensive range of Allied Health services, including exercise physiology and remedial massage.

What Does a Physiotherapist do?

Physiotherapy helps in the physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and provides treatment to restore, and maintain a patient’s mobility, function, and general well-being. True to the Atkins Health vision of providing proven, tailored success, our physiotherapists will be focused on pathways that involve the client’s steps to recovery.

A physiotherapist’s role in patient care can be varied depending on the condition and the treating team, with methods including but not limited to diagnosis, hands on therapy and exercise rehabilitation. They have a large scope of practice and what treatment they apply is often guided by the condition and its presentation. They are specialists in diagnosing and assessing physical conditions, injuries and concerns and how they affect the body’s movement and function. One of the key differences between physiotherapy and exercise physiology is that the former occupation includes study of pathology, leading to a physiotherapist being able to perform diagnosis of a condition. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a patient to see a physiotherapist for acute conditions, those that are sudden and severe in their onset and require diagnosis, and an exercise physiologist for chronic conditions, those that are ongoing for six months or more.

When Should I See a Physio?

There are a number of health-based triggers that would allow you to get referred to an Atkins Health Gold Coast physio. Since they provide support both for both prevention and rehabilitation, triggers could involve problems caused by injury, disability, or disease.

Here are some of the reasons:

All sports physio – injuries and prevention
Musculoskeletal injuries
Pain Management, including neck and back pain due to problems with bones or muscles
Problems with bones, joints, muscles and ligaments, such as arthritis or rehabilitation for after effects of amputation
Loss of movement due to neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, or trauma to the brain or spine
Fatigue, swelling and stiffness during treatment of cancer or palliative care
Lung problems such as asthma
Disability as a result of heart problems

Atkins health also offers a class-leading back pain management program designed to assist with all types of back pain and their causes, except spinal cord injuries. Learn more and book your initial assessment today.

Why Choose Atkins Health For Gold Coast Physio?

At Atkins Health, we work with the most experienced and professional accredited Gold Coast physio practitioners, delivering pathways that are tailored to the client, and that meet the client’s goals.

One of the benefits is to work with top practitioners and therapists covering a range of professional services all together in one place. Our physiotherapist can assist you with the diagnosis of a condition as well as reducing and managing pain, dysfunction and mobility. Our other health professionals can then take you from this point further down the path of rehabilitation, to help gain strength, fitness and flexibility.

Learn about funding your health care and our NDIS physiotherapy Gold Coast services.

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