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Max Williams

Exercise Physiologist

Max is a motivated accredited exercise physiologist, who is very enthusiastic and passionate about guiding individuals to bettering themselves. Max is always striving to help clients meet their goals through tailored and individual exercise programs in his sessions, however he believes that exercise physiologists can have an even greater effect on the person and their life outside their weekly session/s.

Max believes that health care is bigger than just within the clinical exercise sessions with client and practitioner. He strongly advocates for exercise physiologists to be focusing on the person and their life outside their consults as well. Through Max’s 3 years of experience so far, he has found that a good mix of tailored exercise programs, lifestyle modification and habit creation is the goal for long term health care. As an exercise physiologist seeing many clients with chronic disease or injury, Max advocates for creating healthier lifestyles through extensive education about healthy habit creation. His treatment also aims to find long-term allied health care options and building healthier and stronger people through the compounding effect of their daily routines and habits over time. 

Max’s exercise background comes from an extensive background in a wide variety of sports. Max has tried every sport possible from soccer, AFL to table tennis and swimming.

He ended up staying with soccer. An avid Broncos & Manchester United supporter, he loves watching sport and always wanted to work in sport. Max still does work in sport with a local premier league soccer team on the Gold Coast as their club trainer. While at university Max realised that rather than studying physiotherapy, he wanted to focus on the preventative exercise, and strength and conditioning side of allied health care. He subsequently graduated with a degree in exercise physiology and a desire to help guide those to ultimately build healthier lives, to battle against their chronic diseases or injuries, and have the tools to continue to do so for life.  

Max’s specialist population group comprises those affected by cancer. He loves seeing clients negotiate a massively tough time in their lives and achieve a turning point for their health long term. 

Max’s hobbies include golf, playing soccer, running, and having a coffee with friends.

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In addition to our one-on-one sessions, we offer group classes that target a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain and bone health through to specific neurological conditions.

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