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Carlo Alimboyong

Operations Manager and Exercise Physiologist
Carlo Alimboyong

Carlo advocates for physical activity & exercise to people of all abilities. He is passionate about creating a community, particularly for those that are disadvantaged and aren’t aware of the benefits of exercise. The results and impact that he and his team has created is continually growing and is eager to revolutionise the way we look at health.

Coming from his experience in working in sporting environments, he likes to bring the attitudes and beliefs of what it takes to become successful and scale it what is presented to him and his team. This includes simplicity, understanding, realistic expectations, accepting failure, focus and being humble. Did you notice how none of these include exercise!? 

What keeps Carlo in his journey working in community health is the reward he gets from seeing great growth from both his clientele and his team members. He describes it is as a dynamic working environment where there is a lot exciting things to be a part of and many areas to improve. 

Carlo enjoys working with any case that is presented his way. But his interests involve athletic development (including injury management) and individuals living with a disability. Currently, he works predominantly with a vast array of disabilities, including; Neurological Disorders such Multiple Sclerosis & Cerebral Palsy, Physical Disabilities such Amputees, Meningococcal, Developmental Disorders and much more. The particular interest that Carlo facilitates when working with people living with a disability is simply working together to achieve their goals. Some of these goals have included becoming better at home-gardening, to wheelchair basketball, to goals of participating in the Paralympics.  

Working hours

Carlo is available for appointments between the hours below.

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More about Carlo Alimboyong


  • Qualifications and Experience
  • Classes
  • Qualifications and Experience 
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science 
  • Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science focused on Clinical Exercise Physiology 
  • Queensland Reds Strength and Conditioning season internship 
  • Commonwealth Games Training-Venue manager 
  • Local Government public health initiatives 
  • Grassroots athlete development 
  • Disability advocacy 
  • Disability sport 
  • International Rugby League athlete (Philippines)  
  • National Basketball University Games athlete (Griffith University) 

Carlo primarily operates out of our Temple Gym Varsity Lakes clinic, and is also available for home visits and telehealth.


In addition to our one-on-one sessions, we offer group classes that target a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain and bone health through to specific neurological conditions.

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