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Joshua Thampi

Exercise Physiologist

Josh believes that strength can be attained at all ages and is also a core value of health and physical ability. He is passionate about changing the way people think about strength training, especially those who are lacking the ability to perform activities of daily living. Achieving goals can give inspiration to others in your position to do the same.

Several components come into play when it comes to achieving goals and yielding a net positive outcome for health and wellbeing. Josh has first-hand experience with these components whether it is through preparation to compete in an athletic event, or theory study at university. Components that incur positive outcomes for gaining strength and function can include; breaking down large, daunting goals into tiny SMART goals, celebrating small wins through small incentives, and re-framing anything negative that happens into something that you can learn from and make you stronger. Incorporating these components WILL add fuel to any direction that you want to go, as they did to Josh. 

Although Josh is interested in working in any situation where exercise treatment will assist, he has a specialty in treating and managing symptoms of

neurological conditions, such as, Parkinson’s Disease and musculoskeletal conditions, namely, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, rheumatic disease.  

People have a misconception that strength training is extremely intense and has a high risk of injury when it is merely just training with the goal of getting stronger. The exercises can range from heavy deadlifts to simply just lifting your leg up a few times. With one of Josh’s clients, he prescribed strength training in the form of moving their fingers to strengthen the little muscles in their hands. 

Josh believes that if he can help someone achieve positive outcomes for health and well-being, it can inspire others to do the same. The positive spread of lifestyle changes in Josh’s diverse clientele is what keeps him growing in his profession. 

Working hours

Joshua is available for appointments between the hours below.

Time’s not flexible?

If the above hours do not suit, let us know your preferred time and we will match you to the most suitable practitioner.


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  • Qualifications and Experience
  • Locations
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science 
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology 
  • Powerlifting and Strength training
  • Former Sprinter/Track and Field athlete 
  • Parkinson’s Disease Symptom management 
  • Interested in strengthening muscles and bones 

Benjamin primarily conducts home visits and telehealth sessions, but is also available at our Temple Gym Varsity Lakes clinic on Wednesday mornings.


In addition to our one-on-one sessions, we offer group classes that target a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain and bone health through to specific neurological conditions.

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