Bethany Curtis

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My Journey started because…

I grew up playing a lot of sport and developed a strong passion for health, exercise and caring for people, and what better way to pursue my passions than in the field of Clinical Exercise Physiology. 


I completed my Bachelors and at the time I was heading down the road of becoming a Physiotherapist, however a short stint of work experience in an aged care home quickly changed that. It became evident to me that my passion was seeing the amazing benefits that exercise had for a number of conditions, and that was something that I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to. I then completed my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology, and here I am today. Atkins Health provides both the clients and team members with a platform for growth of knowledge and achievement of goals. However, the most enthralling part of Atkins Health is that each and every team member is motivated to achieve the absolute best for every client, and that’s a team that I am proud to be a part of. 

I hope to influence the way that exercise is perceived in the medical field. With my main interest being within the spinal and neurological rehabilitation field, I aim to influence the way fellow medical professionals view exercise as being an integral part of clients’ treatment.