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Brock Van Kampen

Exercise Physiologist

Brock is passionate about the facilitation of exercise and how it can be tailored to meet the goals of each individual. He takes great pride in helping each of his clients achieve the results they desire and watching this have a profound impact on their day-to-day lives. Brock thoroughly enjoys surrounding himself amazing Atkins team that we have located across multiple Gold Coast locations.

Sport and exercise have been the backbone of Brock’s childhood and adolescence. Brock has competed at a semi-elite level for Surf Ironman racing and has used that competitive instinct to now become the very best Exercise Physiologist he can be. Coming out of high-school, Brock originally wanted to be a physiotherapist and began studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. However, half-way through his bachelor’s degree, Brock was exposed to Exercise Physiology and knew that this was the profession for him. He realised the profound impact he could have on people’s lives through the provision of exercise. Brock continued his studies with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology, allowing him to follow his dream of becoming an Exercise Physiologist.  

Brock enjoys working with a range of individuals and their associated conditions, however, due to his own personal experience with rehabilitating his own back injury, has developed a passion for musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions. More specifically, Brock has a strong interest for treating complex musculoskeletal injuries that have neurological aspects to them such as nerve pain.

Brock prides himself in tailoring treatment to everyone’s needs and goals, while also building meaningful relationships to support the individual through their journey. Brock facilitates multiple PD revolution group classes and NDIS group recreation classes, providing an evidenced-based approach to disease-related symptoms, whilst also creating a supportive environment for individuals attending the class.  

Brock is also very interested in the psychological benefits of exercise and how exercise can be used to create a holistic approach to each individual and their condition. Brock believes that every individual is on their own journey, and that treatment should be tailored to the individual rather than their condition.  Brock thoroughly enjoys watching each individual client grow, achieve their goals, and enhance their lifestyle through the provision of physical activity.  

Brock’s hobbies include:  

  • Offshore Kayak Fishing  
  • Surfing and any beach-related activity 
  • Playing and watching basketball  
  • Running 
  • Hiking  

Working hours

Brock is available for appointments between the hours below.

Time’s not flexible?

If the above hours do not suit, let us know your preferred time and we will match you to the most suitable practitioner.


More about Brock Van Kampen


  • Qualifications and Experience
  • Classes
  • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology  
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science  
  • Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach  
  • Atkins Health Back Program Accredited


In addition to our one-on-one sessions, we offer group classes that target a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain and bone health through to specific neurological conditions.

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