Matthew Ternes

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It all started when…

Growing up my mother suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar and depression. From an early age I had to care for her and support my brother. This is where I believe my passion first began for health. On the other side, I loved playing sport and being active and spent the majority of my childhood travelling around Australia and New Zealand with the ambition of becoming a professional tennis player.

As I was finishing high school and working as a tennis coach, my focus and passion began to drift to injury prevention and rehabilitation for sporting athletes. I moved from Port Macquarie NSW to the Gold Coast at the end of high school in 2010 and started at Griffith University in 2011. Initially I was aiming to become a physiotherapist, however, throughout the degree and work placements, my ultimate passion became more directed towards the importance of physical activity and the power of exercise  prescription to regain people's confidence and independence. This naturally lead me to Tobias and the Atkins Health Squad. 

The philosophy of the company, the way we build relationships and the help we provide our friends (clients) is something that I am truly proud of! I am now have the honour of being the Atkins Health Practice Manager and love helping our team help others!

- Matthew Ternes

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