Pre-Natal, Post-Natal Talk

Pre-Natal, Post-Natal Talk

June 1, 2021 by Nicole Harnett

Pregnancy care consists of pre-natal (before birth) and post-natal (afterbirth) healthcare for expectant mothers. Even though there is a large focus on treatments, training and check-ups to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor and delivery for the mother and her baby, postnatal assessments, care, training and bringing your body back to optimal health is just as important. With the help of our expert speaker on Women’s Health Talks, Phoebe Armfield, founder of Bump Fitness, we explore postnatal challenges as well as postnatal care and support available to us in a very special podcast interview with the Atkins Health team!

What Constitutes Post-natal Care?

In her interview, Phoebe talks about why we should be focused on postnatal care. In fact, it’s not just the body, but the mind and emotions of the mother that also require care. The 4 areas where care could be administered are:

  • Immediately after birth, the recovery of the body

  • Mental and emotional health

  • Nutrition and rest – eating well and resting and important aspects of recovery

  • Returning to exercise – Pelvic floor exercises will help slowly getting the body back in shape

Exercise is a key aspect of care. Phoebe says that women don’t realise that returning to exercise also helps bladder and bowel issues. Moreover, having additional postnatal checks are important to make sure things are going back to normal.


What are your takeaways from the interview? Feel free to share in our Inner Circle at Women’s Health Talks. Also, make sure you download the free pelvic stretch course from our women’s health practitioners.

It is important to stay as healthy as possible during pregnancy and during the postnatal period. Stay on top of your appointments, and follow expert advice to return to health and safety for yourself, and your baby.

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