Exercises for over 60s – How we can help

Exercises for over 60s – How we can help

November 17, 2022 by Lorenzo Pacis

Staying fit and active in your 60s may not come as easy as it once did. Your body doesn’t move the same way it used to and exercise can feel overwhelming if you haven’t engaged in it for some time.

Chances are you’re not alone – over 50% of Australians over the age of 55 aren’t engaging in enough physical activity. But the good news is that it’s never too late to pick up active habits. Every little bit of movement can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

At Atkins Health, we can help with exercises for over 60s  with specialised classes and professional treatment.

The benefit of staying fit in your 60s 

As we get older, the role exercise plays in our life shifts. When you enter your 60s, remaining active becomes essential to maintaining a high quality of life.

Research shows exercise for seniors is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve mental health and functioning, and improve your overall sense of well-being.

As you age, your risk of developing a chronic health condition rises. Fortunately staying fit can help prevent:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Back pain
  • Osteoporosis

But just as importantly, an active lifestyle offers independence. It gives you the ability to carry on doing what you love – playing with the grandkids, morning walks, or simply managing the physical demands of daily life.

How to stay fit in your 60s

Senior fitness exercises can take many forms. There are so many ways to stay fit, and your exercise journey can be adapted to the type of activities you enjoy most. A solid exercise plan should include a mix of aerobic training, strength or resistance exercises, and flexibility or stretching. Our exercise physiologists can help tailor a program to your needs and your goals.

Not all exercise programs will be appropriate for senior fitness. High-intensity training and heavy weightlifting isn’t suitable or practical for most adults in their 60s and can often do more harm than good.

Our favourite types of exercise for over 60s include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Resistance band training
  • (Certain) weight training
  • Bushwalking
  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Dancing

How much exercise is right for seniors?

Try and aim for about 30 minutes of physical activity per day. But remember, any amount of activity has a positive impact — even if it’s only a few minutes.

It’s important to pace yourself from the outset. There’s no use going gung-ho and plunging your body into more stress than it can manage. The result can be far more harm than good.

Support for staying fit in your 60s 

If you are just starting your exercise journey or resuming after a long break, you may find your body takes some time to adjust to the new demands.  

 A physiotherapist or exercise physiologist should be your first port of call before embarking on a new exercise regime. Having the guidance and support of a qualified professional can help map out suitable physio exercises for seniors. They can also offer education on how to prevent injury. Exercises for over 60s has special requirements and guidelines and therefore should be planned by a professional in this field.  

Community or group fitness classes can be a great way to make exercise more enjoyable while boosting motivation. Group fitness has also been proven to enhance the social connection among seniors.  

 Atkins Health offers a range of group fitness classes led by our team of expert exercise physiologists. Although you’ll be working in a group environment, each participant is working to their own individualised program. Below is an overview of our classes to help you find the right fit: 

  • Bone SocietyBone Society runs four times per week and targets bone health, reducing symptoms of osteoporosis, and addressing the risk of falls. It incorporates resistance-based and impact-loading exercises to ‘load’ the bones in a safe and appropriate manner, promoting an increase in bone-building hormones 
  • FIT Pilates Our ‘FIT’ reformer group classes are designed to build your core strength, improve posture and balance, and increase overall fitness and endurance. We also offer clinical pilates which is combined with an exercise physiology assessment. Pilates is a popular way to incorporate balance exercises for seniors. 
  • Squad AtkinsSquad Atkins is our most popular group class. It’s designed to improve your general fitness, strength, and mobility. The program can also be specifically tailored to target any individual conditions, injuries or limitations.

Atkins Health is passionate about helping adults in their 60s maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a variety of support and classes available, we are sure to find the perfect exercise pathway for you. Get in touch to kick-start your fitness journey with the expert support of Atkins Health.

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