Bone Society


What is this all about...

My interest in bone health skyrocketed after becoming aware of amazing results from recent studies. It happened to be that the exercises I personally enjoy doing are the actual exercises that are beneficial for bone health! Nonetheless, it is a challenge to treat people for bone health. This allowed for the development of a fun, engaging and innovative group class!

 It is fulfilling to be able to treat people in ways that are meaningful to me. So to be able to share my passion and energy with those in need is super rewarding!


Bone Society is all about creating a network of people that want to take control of their lives. To fight for their lifestyles and quality of life. To go beyond the expectations of those around them, more than just maintain their health but better it!

It utilises new research that provides us with an understanding that loading the bones in a safe an appropriate manner will actually stem the increase of bone building hormones. To try and effect the condition at its core. The movements are gradual, the trainers perfectionists at their craft and the groups, your team, are great fun. Let us take control. 

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