Nutrition & Dietetics


We just want the best for you…

Sooo we got a kick ass dietitian on board to sort all things food and liquid! The link between what we put in our mouth and what we do with our body is something that most of us will never argue the importance of. It is simply about getting the best builder (your movement) to work with the best materials (your food/ beverages) to make the best possible house (your body)!

All we want to do is give you all the possible tools to make your body a super human machine. By moving the most efficient and effective ways possible and giving it the perfect amounts and types of fuel to allow this to happen.

Monique gym.jpg

We hear it all too often, “My diet is super healthy”, “I only eat good food”, “I don’t eat carbs”. But this just prompts my question, whats healthy? What’s good food? Why are carbs so evil? These blanket statements only make me more and more concerned and why I am so incredibly excited to have Monique on our team! She is all about helping you create a good relationship with food. Understanding that there isn’t good and bad foods or macro—nutrients but a balance of everything that aligns itself with your exercise, movements and lifestyle. Her tricks of the trade will have your food habits in check in the easiest quickest and most appropriate way possible.

I think the best quote that sums up my experience with people and their perception of their diet is:

“To know and not to do, is not to know…”