Our Body = Transformer!

How our Body works:


Our bodies are both very complexed and simple at the same time! When it comes to the way our body all inter relates and the systems that are constantly working to keep us upright and working it is no wonder why so many people get confused on how it is we are meant to best look after ourselves. This is one of the biggest reasons why I got involved in this industry and hence my part in KA Health Solutions. The body is AMAZING!!

So I want to let you in on my revolutionary philosophy of the human body. The human body is an adaptable machine. Crazy huh! I understand how simple this seems but I want to expand on this and bring science and logic to make you think more about what it is we are doing to improve our health.

I want to get into the crux of how different types of exercises effects your body in future posts but first, here, I want to incorporate all aspects of health including diet. So going back to our philosophy everything we put into our body or do to our body, our body will adapt and transform accordingly. If we eat more than we move or exercise it will result in the obvious storage of fat. But the important thing to realise here is that like all adaptations, these things take time! As we all know when we strive towards a new goal we unfortunately don’t have a button to press or a magic pill to take, that can alter or transform our bodies instantaneously to develop the composition that we like. It takes time for us to put weight on (doesn’t always seem this way) and often longer to take it off.

This concept is sooooooo important when constructing a program for any goal whether it is weight loss or gain. We can’t expect to create a program or a diet that changes consistently. Time and time again this has been proven to be ineffective and just doesn’t give our body the time needed to adapt and get the most out of that program. Often programs constructed for weight loss will actually cause slight weight gain at the beginning due to the shock it causes to the bodies usual system, but when sticking to it the fat will soon drop off. Persistence, consistency and reducing confounding variables (things that could be affecting the results) is the key to making a program and making small adjustments that are calculated to optimise and personalise.

Key point: Adaptation takes time! Be persistent, consistent and make small changes unless a shock is warranted and wanted but be ready for your body to react. We are what we eat… and move =P